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A woman walks into a room and immediately draws all attention. Conversation seizes, however briefly; the energy rises. Men and women alike are interested, not threatened by the quiet confidence she displays.

It’s a scene we all recognize, we sometimes are, and sometimes wish we were more often.

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Here is a glimpse of what that vibrancy looks like if we decide to live it every day:

10 Principles that vibrant women live by:

1. The Golden Rule: I treat others like I want to be treated / Or: I respect myself as much as I respect others.
2. I am only so great to the extent that I recognize the greatness in others.
3. I am worthy of abundance
4. I can handle everything that comes my way. (or I’ll find the support / resources to do that)
5. I trust in the perfection of the Universe.
6. I know my purpose and therefore my actions become inspired actions, which guide me further on my path.
7. I allow myself to take care of my own needs and desires.
8. I know my values and live in integrity with them.
9. I am comfortable in my body and am comfortable with myself.
10. I love life and I show that freely!

Also: Vibrant Women have a message. Something they stand for and are willing to share with the world, no matter what other people say. It is that something which lives in your heart and by opening that, you radiate your vibrancy to the world!

My Mission: To assist women in recognizing and claiming their own power and self- worth and sharing it freely with the world, which in turn will inspire others to live life from their own power.

How: By bringing women together, to inspire, model, teach and support each other in each individual’s process.

Are you ready to be your Vibrant You? Then I’d like to share with you one way I see many more vibrant women emerge. I’m offering you an invitation to my 6 months ‘Vibrant Women’ group- coaching program. Join me in a group with other vibrant women, where we focus on the principles that vibrant women live by. The group will meet twice monthly for teleclasses and individually you will receive monthly 30-min. coaching sessions. We will be using the Core Dynamics Coaching Model to practically implement these vibrant principles in your own life.

In the Vibrant Women program we will create a Vibrant You-Profile. We’ll add new thoughts and beliefs to your foundation, while changing beliefs and underlying restricting thoughts. We’ll help you create practical steps that really support you in a life of more freedom to bring out your personal power in the various areas of your life. (relationships, body confidence, finances, parenting, sexuality, intuition, career, etc)

And if you’re interested, I’d like to invite you to join me in an experiment. If you choose to, you will receive the opportunity for a free mini-astrological reading, which focuses on your personal blockages and strengths to add to your Vibrant You Profile.

At the end of the 6 months we will organize an optional retreat to meet and celebrate our vibrancy in person!

If you are interested, please contact me at (530) 274-7568 or

The group starts in August. Space is limited, so call soon!

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