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This is a program for the person who really wants to get down to it. No fussing around, but serious work (Okay, we do laugh at funny things that can come up!).

This program is for the person who always wanted to… write a book or make a movie or … For you, who always had this incredible dream, but somehow you never got to it. You didn’t have the time. Or the finances. Or you wouldn’t be able to do it, with your family and all... And many more reasons that we’ve put safely in place of that uncomfortable unfulfilled feeling we carry around. Of not living up to our true purpose...

And I am telling you that you can.
Yes. What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

Scary, huh? What if I told you that that dream of yours is completely attainable and in the process we could even ‘fix’ the real problem that is holding you back from living it? Do you know what I’m talking about? That tape that keeps running in your mind, background music that we’d rather turn off if we really got to listen to it. Like: ‘You’re not good enough!’ and ‘What makes you think you are special?’, etc., etc., etc.

We all have our own versions. If we knew how to dim the volume and change that tape so it would actually encourage us.

That is exactly why I said that this program is not for the faint of heart! From Truth to Dare helps you look at what you always wanted (Your dream!), recognize and get clear on what stops you from going for it and after we’ve identified the truth that is really you, you get to dare to take steps towards it. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to just jump in the ice-cold water. We’ll warm it up a bit and you’ll even get the chance to change into your bathing suit. Maybe you’ll even want to take some swimming lessons before you take off into the sunset. And you know what else: I’ll be alongside of you each step of the way!)

Interested? Contact me at (530) 274-7568 to schedule a free collaborative interview in which we can connect with each other. We both might come away with some interesting or even amazing insights in your life. At the least, you will have spent an enjoyable 30 minutes!

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