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Did you know that 58% of the workforce is not happy in their current employment?

Wow, that is a pretty painful finding. So, why would you? Why would you spend so much time and energy where you are not happy, doing things that don’t fulfill you?

Oh, I know, you have valid reasons:

• Financial security.
• Benefits
• Maintaining your current lifestyle.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have a job that would offer all that and more? One that would...

• Fulfill you?
• Add energy and excitement?
• Allow happiness in your work?

What would you do? What do you want for you?

No, I’m not offering you a quick fix, band aid or a wave of my magic wand. But I do have a 3 month CareerEscape process to help you get a better job, higher paying position or simply more satisfaction in your current career.

• In the first month we look at what is important to you.
• In the second month we add that to what it is you really want.
• In the third month we create a plan with clear action steps.

Will you have this dream job you’ve always wanted for yourself? I don’t know. Some clients do, for others it takes longer. But I promise you, you’ll get closer to it than you’ve ever been before.

Interested? Contact me at (530) 274-7568 to schedule a free collaborative interview in which we can connect with each other. In the meantime, how much satisfaction do you have at your current job?

Career Equity
If you rate your level of satisfaction at your current job between 1 and 10, where are you now? It would be a 10 for sure if only…..(finish this sentence yourself)

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Here are some things people said about what the CareerEscape program helped them achieve:

"Oh… that would take a couple of pages to describe wouldn’t it?  My attitude and willingness to grow and keep going down a (much stronger) path is directly related to our work.  Your willingness to challenge me, refocus my energies and point out some truly glaring tendencies that I had not seen in myself before kept the work interesting and vital. (But in specific..)

1. My ability to be more objective in interpersonal communication with staff who report to me.  2. Recognizing and utilizing my strengths to bring out the strengths in others.

Thanks for sticking with it… I know that I can be a difficult personality to manage, which you did with humor and grace…"

- Denise, Sacramento, Program Director

"The whole experience was so valuable for me it’s hard to find things that didn’t work!  Your ability to grab words I was using to help me uncover dreams and desires as well as likes, dislikes, and fears was marvelous. I’m excited about my life and its possibilities again.  The process took me from a place where I was frustrated with my current employment and dreamed vaguely of a more fulfilling existence to a place where I now am actively pursuing a concrete dream that fills me with excitement, passion and joy.  I am able to see my current job as a valuable lesson and a place where I learned skills that will serve me in anything I do going forward.  I defined the dreams that had lurked below my vague hopes for a better life and simultaneously began a wholesale clearing of the thoughts and fears that were holding me back from pursuing those dreams.

Though still waiting to be laid off from my job, I’ve put together a list of services I’ll be offering in the coming months that speak to who I am, what I’m passionate about, and the unique contributions I have to make to the world.  I’m going to be pursuing a Masters Degree in the fall that not only moves me into a realm I didn’t think I could be accepted in, but will be custom tailored to my unique interests and qualifications.  While I have moments of fear about having no formal employment (translation: steady corporate job) I am filled with the sense that if I continue moving in the direction of my passion and joy, I’ll always find the solutions to whatever challenges crop up along the way."

- Kristin, Sacramento, in process to become a Movement Coach
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