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My personal perspective on life has been formed by growing up in the Netherlands, Europe. When I moved to California I noticed quite some differences between what I find important in life and what the "common culture" holds. Through my coaching, I started offering some of my "European insights" to clients. They reported back much more ease and joy in their lives.

What is so different about my approach? Nothing extravagent, it's all really simple, actually:
• You deserve a life.
• You deserve to enjoy your life.
• Your life purpose doesn't involve struggle (unless you enjoy the drama).
• Your life purpose is usually very simple. What makes it difficult are all the "restrictions" and "conditions" we put on it...

Which brings us to what I've set out to do with my life: To support you in creating Your Greatest Life!  Here is a short description of each of my programs. As for each program, you will receive 3x30 minute coaching calls per month and access to monthly teleclasses.

Here are the three programs:

CareerEscape Program Vibrant Women From Truth to Dare

Are you spending your workday wishing you were somewhere else? With this process I help you get a new job, a higher paying position or simply more satisfaction in your current career!

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Vibrant Women have a message. Something they stand for and are willing to share with the world, no matter what other people say. It is that something which lives in your heart and by opening that, you radiate your vibrancy to the world!

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Have you always wanted to make that movie, write that book, or take that trip, or...? This process is specifically for you to reconnect with what you REALLY want and take charge of what is REALLY holding you back, so you can stop that shame and accomplish what it was you set out to do in life...

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Interested? Contact me at (530) 274-7568 to schedule a free collaborative interview in which we can connect with each other. We both might come away with some interesting or even amazing insights in your life. At the least, you will have spent an enjoyable 30 minutes!

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