A Course In Miracles - Discussion Group (FREE)
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Call- in and meet with like-minded individuals to discuss writings from the well-known book 'A Course In Miracles. In class we'll discuss concepts of spiritual growth and our experiences using them. Non of us are experts: on the path to enlightenment there are always people in front of you, as well as behind you! We'd love to have you share your stories and connect with us in a very safe environment.

A Course In Miracles is a course in spiritual growth that has attracted many people from all over the world. The course offers concepts and practical applications for our daily lives, rather than theology. It is a course that many, like me have always been interested in studying, yet have never taken the time for. Through this weekly discussion group we cover lessons from the course, discuss our applications, but most of all support each other by sharing our experiences in a safe environment.

This class is free for anyone to join without previously having read the pages being discussed. It is in my knowing that you will attend to hear the messages that are meant for you. If you want to order the book, you can do so at your local bookstore or through

Career Equity: What are you worth and what do you want to do with it?
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Are you spending your workday wishing you were somewhere else? Is it time for a change? Having trouble deciding what you want to do? Are you getting frustrated with your work? Or is it really your boss? If you could create your ideal career, what would it entail?

We often have a difficulty clearly stating what we would really like to do and recognizing the strengths we bring to our profession. In this class we look at what we consider our strengths, skills and the possibilities these offer in changing careers. CareerEscape Coach Marije Miller has invited former recruiter/current Strategies Coach Peter Gregory to come play and think out of the box! Every registrant will receive a CareerEquity Assessment for your personal use as part of the class.

To sign up for this class (free of charge) visit  and search for 'Career Equity'.

Taking the Risk out of Risk
An invitation especially for YOU who has been playing with that idea for so long now... You know, the one who would.., if only... Do you have a dream in mind, but are afraid to take the risk? How would you like it if you actually had some steps you could take to diminish those risks? I'd like to invite you to join me for an interesting class on taking risks, your own comfort level, how you can reduce risk and finally take steps to do what you always dreamed of!

This class is for people who are interested in the dynamics of why some people dare to take big and bold steps to achieve their dreams, while others become extremely uncomfortable taking much smaller risks.

Adding some measure of risk taking to your life offers quite a few benefits. We will go over these benefits and look at how these apply to your life. Where is your comfort level in the various areas of your life? What is the level of risk you are willing to take?

And we'll look at various aspects of risk taking that will offer you some steps to reduce risk in your own life.
What you will learn:

• Benefits of risk taking in your life (that space between comfort and fear is excitement).
• A look at the seven areas of your life.
• Where do you place your comfort zone now?
• Various aspects of risk taking behavior: motivation/limiting danger/Learning Opportunities versus Outcome Oriented personality/confidence/skill level
• 10 steps that allow you to reduce the risk level for a goal or project or dream you have been playing with for much too long!

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