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What is life coaching?
Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. Through weekly coaching sessions, my clients identify what is most important to them and choose to take actions that help them to live the very best life they can come up with. I believe all my clients are infinitely creative and resourceful, but that they sometimes feel stuck, or overwhelmed by their circumstances. When that happens, a coach can help you see your situation from a different perspective, which opens up a whole new area of opportunities and possibilities for a life that truly supports your life purpose.

Coaching will help you take more, better and smarter action, because you set the goals you really want. During our coaching sessions, you will find out how you are currently balancing your life: your work, family and spare time. Many times, that balance is one that has evolved over the years and suddenly you may realize certain habits or processes 'just don't fit you' anymore. Finding out exactly what you really want for yourself is our first task together. Once you create the ideal goal(s), you are much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach it.

Your commitment to yourself through coaching offers a means for more balance, joy, intimacy, energy, financial abundance, focus, and action in every area of your life. As your coach I will help you reach for much more than you can currently imagine for yourself. I will support you to become the best you that you can be and help you live the greatest life you can imagine for yourself.

Who can benefit from coaching?
Anyone! As a personal and professional coach, I can work with you on a wide range of issues to help you create your own, best life! If you are a successful entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom or dad, small business owner, non-profit worker, teacher, student, manager, volunteer or retiree, coaching can help you achieve your true life purpose!

Some of the issues you may wish to work on include: career transition, financial freedom, work/life balance, parenting issues, relationship issues, self-esteem and self-care issues, personal growth and life planning. Whatever you choose to focus on, coaching will bring joy to your life as you invest in yourself to create your greatest life!

What is your approach to coaching?
As your coach I will:
Encourage you to set goals you truly want
Ask you to do more than you may have done on your own
Help you focus better in order to produce results more quickly
Help you understand and solve a problem
Help you be more balanced, fulfilled, successful
Work with you to accomplish something specific personally and/or professionally
Encourage you to get the best for yourself
Provide you with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more
Provide you with an invaluable resource of information, ideas and contacts

How is coaching different from therapy or consulting?
Coaching is not therapy, which goes into depth about various issues, usually dealing with the past, nor is it consulting which generally results in giving the client answers. Coaching goes further than the goal: it is more action- oriented and focuses primarily on the present and future. Through coaching I will support you to determine your own 'answers' to help you move towards your goals.

What is your coaching background?
I hold a Dutch bachelor's degree in Health Science, with a special interest in Health Promotion and Education. My professional background ranges from weight-loss consulting to high-tech recruiting to coordinating and managing programs for non-profit organizations. My decision to take a year long sabbatical to travel with my young family through Central and South America finally brought me to coaching. I am a personal and professional coach, committed to support you in living the greatest life possible for you!

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What do your clients have to say?
"Coaching was more than I expected. Looking back I realize that each time Marije pointed out to me that I had taken a step closer to my goal, I was motivated to continue working to get even closer to it..."

"After just a few sessions with Marije, and my new positive outlook, my life began to improve. Within weeks, I was offered a new and exciting career in a beautiful community where, I know, my family and I will be happy forever. I know, now, that I'm on my true path in life..."

"Marije's approach during our coaching session was very direct, yet gentle... I really feel encouraged..."

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Interested? Contact me at (530) 274-7568 to schedule a free collaborative interview in which we can connect with each other. We both might come away with some interesting or even amazing insights in your life. At the least, you will have spent an enjoyable 30 minutes!

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